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dow and then blindfolded. I quietly opened the door and leave Tom and Richard, whom I had spoken on this page. They were fully informed about the plans - and knew exactly what to expect. In silence, we went back to my wife in the window. I stroked her legs move back and said softly in his ear sexbot that he wanted to have an unforgettable night. At this point, Tom and Richard began to caress her legs and buttocks. Suddenly, he had six hands over her body - which gave a little sigh, like the first, not knowing these strangers, but then changed to a cornea Monone. The three of us took off her skirt, blouse and bra, which was only in socks and blindfolded. Tom, Richard and I quickly removed her clothes, everyone was already rock hard and erect. I took my wife slowly into the bed and laid back. I spread her legs and gently started to lick her clit and breasts Tom and Richard began to rub the tip of sexbot the tail around his lips parted slightly rub. We spent a good 10 minutes just gently rub, lick and rub the whole body - to the point I was desperate to feel a cock in her. Richard lay in bed with his back to him in front of me and my wife helped me to straddle his cock let them down and let his cock into her pussy very wet. He leaned back to get her clit for me, as Richards cock inside. I ran my fingers over her tits and he to her pussy. Then I started to lick the clitoris, as Richard continued
Quotes to fuck her. Tom got out of bed and fed his cock into herThe mouth. I looked - I could feel her fucking Richard from below, in Tom 's mouth and I sucked on her clitoris - could make life much better, I thought. After a few moments he turned to her is now in front of Richard. Sitting on his cock, licked my ass to get nice and wet - although it had already created a lot of juice. Gradually I began to push the head of my cock in the ass as he slid his cock in sexbot Richards. I pushed a little more and then quickly slid the rest of the way in. I felt that they had in their tails at the same time and the feeling was exquisite. Tom was back in his mouth and seemed to explode. I forgot to mention, usually do not like to swallow, but they must be in a state of ecstasy that was really important, as his cock throbbed and wine into his mouth. sexbot is at this point I could feel her pussy in which Richard enough to send over the edge, was about to explode. My wife pulls out of control, even as her orgasm ran sexbot right through his body. There was a smell of sex in the air, when I took off my blindfold and saw Richard and Tom for the first time for all of us a little encouragement. is not as soft as a porn movie, but a hell of sexbot an sexbot experience. I thanked Richard and Tom, and left my wife and I had a very sexy session almost immediately. Then he said - we have to do it again someday!


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It was a rare treat - a night in a hotel, only the wife and I planned a dinner, some drinks and a fantastic 5 star hotel room for the night. I did not sexbot know was that I had been talking on this page to two guys in our imagination! had been drinking wine with dinner one night and had a few tapas in the bar. While sitting at the bar, I was running my fingers up her skirt and felt the top of her stockings and brush the front of her thong. It was not the usual crowd of business people in the bar, many are still paying some outfits of jeans and shirt design for all London hotel absurd prices for drinks. He knew that many could see the other guys in the bar myself playing with her ​​stockings and thong, and this will power. as the time drew near 23rd 00 I said we should go back to our room. In the elevator, he kissed her deeply on the lips and slid his hand to feel her pussy - she was very wet. We went to our room, and took him to the window - looking over London on the top floor. Running her hands over her body, gently pushed forward. He put his hand to the window in order to support herself. Then I left the skirt and stockings in place, but dropped out of her thong. Then I took the blindfold, he had brought along and placed it on the eyes. check my watch, I realized that now is 23:00. The time to remember! I told him to sexbot stay where they are with their hands in the win